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Designed to meet the need of emergency calls within the healthcare sector
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SafenCare – an open hardware vendor-independent security solution for nursing homes, residences and home nursing

What is SafeconCare

Open platform solutions are a matter of course in many industries, but in the market for Security Solutions (also often referred to as emergency solutions) in the Care Sector, proprietary total security solutions are still most often used, also called end-to-end platform solutions, where buyers and users are forced to buy both hardware and software of the same brand at one vendor to make it all work. The limitation is that these end-to-end solutions never meet the needs of all customers. Customers’ needs vary and change over time, and no single manufacturer has the skills or resources to support “everything”.

As something new in the market for security solutions, Alcensoft now offers SafeconCare which is a reliable hardware supplier-independent security solution (open platform solution that uses open standards) for the Danish care sector. SafeconCare ensures that your care call from the citizens is quickly and efficiently received and distributed to the right care staff via apps for further help.

Where SafeconCare is used

SafeconCare is a well-thought-out emergency call solution and a coherent emergency call solution that can be used in your nursing home, residence and/or in home nursing. The SafeconCare solution can be installed in nursing homes with optional decentralized servers for island operations and/or centrally installed in, for example, a municipality’s server environment or offered by us as a Cloud solution. In home nursing, the solution can be used as your manned or unmanned on-call center.

What is required of you as a partner and customer

The only requirement for Hardware that you want to connect to the SafeconCare security solution is that your purchased equipment, e.g. security telephones, must be able to communicate via the digital protocol Social Care Internet Protocol (SCAIP), which in Sweden and Norway is the mandatory and in Denmark widespread and preferred communication protocol for automatic emergency call devices and alarm transmitters.

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Home nursing

Click and read more about functionality and the benefits you get with SafeconCare in your Home Nursing.

Nursing homes and residences

Click and read more about functionality and the benefits you get with SafeconCare for use in care centers and residences.

Call centre

Safecon can act as a call centre for medical customers. It can receive dial in, register customers as operator talks to the customer, connect with regionally dedicated external resources in three-part communication.
It is possible to register basic information regarding the caller and the patient (if it is not the same person) for future use in case of new calls.
Safecon has possibility of connecting and retrieving basic caller information from national databases using phone number – information like name and address.
Safecon supports automatic dispatch thru regionally defined dispatch centres with a group of care personnel on duty. Safecon re-routs two-way speech directly from the client to a specific nurse on duty. Safecon monitors and distributes dispatches in regional centres.
Safecon maintain a detailed step oriented instruction on customer level to facilitate the operator work. On any given time only those steps of the instruction relevant to the current situation, time and history is shown to the operator. The operator may mark and log each step of his progress to ensure nothing is missing handling the customer.

Medical centre

A medical centre (a doctors office) is able to access the customer medical journal from Safecon using a web interface.
Through the External web solution, doctors (used as a general term) are able to login and view information about jobs allocated to the individual doctors as well as jobs allocated to colleagues (other doctors associated to the same health centre).
Safecon maintains status of the external medical centre and the specific medical resources, to allow the Safecon operator to connect only to resources available for the local Call Center.
Medical resources can maintain their online status as well as defining a duty schedules.
Operators are able to monitor status of jobs allocated to the current Doctor.
For each customer Safecon maintains a patient journal. Each contact demands a new journal entry.
Journal information is available for the associated medical centres, doctors and nurses.

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