Generate reports and extract customer specific data with Safecon InterSafe


InterSafe is a webbased add-on to the Safecon platform providing the possibility of data distribution to customers, partners, installers, service operators and employees.

With InterSafe, users can immediately generate reports (alarm- , service-, missing data reports, etc.), extract customer specific data (primary customer info, open/close schedules, transmission information, etc.), and perhaps update data.

The users will be able to generate and key in information anytime and anywhere. The application of this product will increase the quality and speed of operation, and if customers have direct access to the system, they may assist in securing the correct and optimum utilization of their systems. It may also be possible to reduce the administration costs by elimination of paperwork.

InterSafe supports several user groups, e.g. installers, customers and service operators. They each have access to different types of data with different rights.
InterSafe has been developed with emphasis on the highest level of security.

Key features

  • Special security key required to access server
  • Encrypted communication (SSL – Secure Socket Layer)
  • Separate database for optimal security
  • Double login with company password and user password
  • Restricted access based on user rights

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