Alarm and Incident Handling

Advanced, open and scalable Alarm Receiving Software for ARCs and AMS

Emergency Response & Dispatch

Software for automatic and effective alarm handling for Emergency Response Agencies and Fire Departments.

Solutions for the care sector

Easy manageable reception and handling of emergency calls on mobile devices for care personel.

We do what we do best – We take care of citizens and assets through safe and reliable alarm handling with Safecon




We develop, maintain and support Safecon, probably the most reliable alarm- and security software platform in the market. Whether you need our software for managing care calls in your municipality’s health- and care sector, or perhaps as your software platform to gather, monitor and manage all your systems’ alarms and events in one unifying platform, you get an innovative and intuitive tool that solves your tasks effectively 

With our software we solve specific needs for alarm receiving, dispatch and communication, information and reporting. On this website you can read more about how our technologies help customers from ARC’s, Emergency Response Agencies to the private- and public care sector. Our tools help our customers to an easier everyday workday thus increasing productivity, profitability and quality of service.

Talk to us if you are…

  • in need of a system to receive and handle all kinds of signals and alarms; fire- and smoke alarms, burglary- and intrusion alarms, emergency- and elevator alarm, technical signals, person- and vehicle tracking.
  • considering migrating your not supported and outdated alarm receiving system to a more contemporary and technological up to speed system.
  • in the process establishing a new Alarm Receiving Center or Alarm Monitoring Center.
  • a Care- or elderhome, private or public, or a municipality who wants to learn more about how our care solutions can create values and save you money.
  • an installation company or a contractor, in need of a monitoring and management system who is challenged by having a great deal of monitoring devices with many different protocols to support.
  • in need of development of communication interfaces (drivers) to support different alarm- and monitoring equipment having common open protocols as well as proprietary protocols.
  • looking for somebody who can integrate external systems like dispatch-, GIS CRM, ERP- , VMS and more to your existing system.
  • a municipality wanting a smart city monitoring platform where all the signals from the sensors being monitored are collected and processed to valuable data which can be used to optimize the cityflow and resource allocation.
  • stuck and want to have a chat about another challenge within our field of business.

We are the leading provider of the alarm receiving software Safecon

We produce, install and service Safecon. Safecon is designed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry – today and tomorrow.
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