Our open modular platform was built to integrate

Integrations to External systems

Safecon’s open modular platform structure is built to integrate with other systems like GIS, Dispatch, Fleet Management, Video Management, Telephone Systems, ERP system etc. The core mission of the Safecon platform is the actual signal, alarm handling and dispatch.
Not selling a packaged solution with our own suite of such add-on systems mean we purposely have had to develop special skills integrating our customer’s external systems.

The various possible systems we are integrating to are also mentioned in this solution section under Public & Private Safety.


Integrations to Equipment (Communication Interfaces with Receivers)

Integrations is not only about integrating whole IT systems but even more importantly it is to enable the Safecon platform to communicate with the protocols supporting the various Alarm Receivers, installed at enduser points.

The communication interface is the lifeline between Safecon and the outside world. Without any communication interface, Safecon is not able to do its most important work: To handle alarms!
The communication interfaces are managed by a component in the Safecon system known as the controller. The controller performs the following main tasks:

  • To watch for alarms and other signals from the alarm company subscribers.
  • When an alarm is received, to analyze the data and forward it to the server for further processing.
  • Where needed, to send outgoing messages submitted by operators, such as status requests and remote commands.

Like the operator station the controller works as a client that may log on to the level 1 and level 2 servers. However, the controller may do its task even with no server connection; this is called safety level 3, and the controller may issue the signals to an attached line printer.
Be aware that the same protocol may have different names in different countries, and that protocols with the same name may be different from country to country, and from receiver to receiver.

Already supported drivers/protocols can be seen in the spreadsheet below.

Safecon Protocol List

The Safecon Family of Modules

This is an illustration of the Safecon Architecture. The grey circles shows the elements and features build into Safecon and the red circles show with which Safecon among others can be integrated.

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