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The best recommendation for our ARC software and platform comes from satisfied customers

We manufacture, maintain and support perhaps the market’s perhaps most reliable alarm and security software platform Safecon. Refined and tuned to perfection and stability over many years of service that has never in its lifetime been out of order.

Whether you need our software to manage specific alarm areas, or perhaps as your software platform to gather, monitor and manage all your systems’ alarms and events in one unifying platform, your users get a professional and user-friendly tool that solves the tasks to perfection .

With Safecon, we enable you to solve specific needs for alarm reception, emergency, communication, information, and reporting.

Below you can read about how Safecon helps our alarm, control center, and emergency customers for a smooth working day and thereby creates increased productivity, profitability, and service quality. ”

Safecon – webbased system

We are working on a whole new generation of alarm management systems and moving away from a Windows client and over to a web-based alarm management system that frees users from the previous client-based system, which thereby makes it easy to expand and maintain the system.

However, we retain the existing functionality on the server-side and thus we utilize the expertise and operational stability that is characteristic of a Safecon system.

The main difference is that the system is based on browser technology (run as a website) and therefore accessible from a number of different compatible devices.

Remote users can access the system via their existing laptops, tablets and / or smartphones.

Layout changes will also be centrally controlled, so there should be no logic on the client machine itself, ensuring even more smooth maintenance of the user interface.

For extra functionalities, existing open interfaces can be used for extending


  • Dispatching customer using SMS
  • PocketMobile (Fleet Management) or other using same interface
  • Sending to other ACR system using TCP/IP or SMS
Fleet management

  • PreCom
  • Locus
  • FleetView
  • CallTouch
  • SimaTech / TeleAtlas
  • TransAlarm
  • Google Coordinate

  • Milestone VMS
  • VideONet
  • RISCO Cloud
  • Bosch Security Cloud
GIS Functionality
Safecon has different existing integrations to GIS systems which are used to visualization /  allocation of alarms

  • MariaGIS
  • SimaTech
  • Vision
  • MapSolutions (Shown in Safecon client)
  • Google Maps
ERP and CRM systems (billing)
Safecon has a general integration to different systems and the interface is based on XML data transmission.

  • VISMA Business
  • Agresso
  • SAP
  • MS Dynamics
Other possible integrations

Radio Communication

  • TETRA (Nødnett, RAKEL or SINE)

Phone systems

  • Solidus
  • Telia
  • Asterisk
  • TAPI enabled systems
  • Telecom SMS Large Account support

Service jobs

  • PocketMobile (service Edition) or other using same interface
  • GuardTools
  • SMS

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Safecon is used in ARC’s  with only a couple of operators managing maybe only 100 customers to the biggest ARC’s with more than 150 concurrent operators managing more than 100.000-150.000 customers.

Replacing your Alarm Central Software

Replacing your existing alarm central software may seem a rather complex and unmanageable project with all the valuable data you have accumulated and interconnected systems. However it does not have to be so if you plan the process with the right supplier. Our engineers have extensive professional knowledge and experience with data migration and have a proven track record replacing such core systems as well as integrating clients existing systems; even without any operational interference in your day to day ARC business.  The length of such a process depends on how well your existing data is presented. If data is well presented we have managed data conversion within a week.

Below are suggestions for typical control panel systems that can be integrated with Safecon via our already developed interfaces or newly developed.

Starting a new Alarm Receiving Centre

As for replacing your system it is of course equally important that you choose the right partner when starting an ARC, AMS or AMC from scratch.  The best recommendation for our ARC software and platform comes from satisfied customers and we should be pleased to put you into direct contact with the appropriate persons. Please ask us.

An important thing to consider regardless whether you are replacing a system or starting a new ARC is that you carefully consider the pros and cons choosing an open system with many options for integration now and ahead as opposed to a more proprietary “package solution” not having such options.

Therefore we recommend that you get in touch with us to discuss your options, without any obligations, and possible setting you up with a free trail solution.

Signal reception


Alarm handling

Emergency management and monitoring

Custom reports

SafeCon control panel software is
Signal reception

The Safecon system installed at our customers' alarm and control centers receives millions of signals from their many customers daily, in one form or another. The signals, which can be anything from burglary to technical alarms or just a so-called keep-alive signal, from perhaps a smoke detector, a sensor in a water pipe, or a tracking device on a car whose signal simply goes directly into a database.

Tailor-made alarm handling

All received signals from given sensors are verified and the signals that do not go in the log are processed and become an actual alarm / event. The actual interpretation of the alarm signals can be tailored in the Safecon system and the subsequent actions can also be tailored to fixed actions that do not require the involvement of the operator. The system also supports being able to generate service jobs when an alarm is received as well as supporting verified alarms (automatic or manual) Get the entire functionality list and see all possible intelligent actions around the alarm processing.

Emergency management and monitoring

After handling the alarm, the alarm operator can generate an emergency call e.g. police, fire brigade, service techniques, etc., or the emergency allocation takes place completely without operator involvement. Our system offers i.a. these emergency services; Subscription-dependent color indication of priority for different types of emergency, direct distribution of emergency jobs to fulfillment center by job allocation, SMS emergency, integration with various external emergency systems (eg Locus or PreCom), Integration with GIS systems and Direct handling from the treatment list in the same window.

Generation of custom reports

In the Safecon system, you can generate printable standard or self-configured reports. Users can define and print reports based on alarm, signal, routine signal, emergency, or open/closed log.

The Safecon platform can be tailored to your specific needs

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Safecon Products and Add-ons


We deliver and integrate complete emergency and emergency solutions for municipalities, nursing homes, and nursing homes and for health and emergency centers.


Safecon Satellite is an option that can be added to the existing Safecon platform, which enables a small alarm company (satellite) to offer a large control room solution with a small staffing need, and for 24/7 operation.


The web-based add-on to the Safecon platform enables data distribution to customers, partners, installers, operators, and service staff.


VideoSafe sets new standards in distributed video surveillance with the most open and flexible concept for scalability and availability on the market.

Remote control of buildings

A Safecon product that lets you manage multiple buildings via one real estate customer

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Safecon is used in small alarm and control centers with only a few operators serving only approx. 100 customers as well as the largest with perhaps up to 150 simultaneous operators serving over 100,000 customers. There is no lower or upper limit.
If you are planning to replace your current Alarm Center software, open a new Alarm or Control Center, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your monitoring needs or simply ask for more information.

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