Public & Private Safety

The best recommendation for our ARC software and platform comes from satisfied customers

When receiving and handling alarms as part of public and private safety solutions at Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC), Alarm Monitoring Stations (AMS) also known as Central Monitoring Stations (CMS), Public Emergency Response Agencies (110 or 112), Police or Military & Defense systems we recommend our largest Safecon System with back-up Level 2 and 3 servers. For ease of use we also refer to all these more comprehensive and mission critical Public Safety Alarm Receiving solutions as ARC solutions.

The Safecon platform is in nature an open modular system giving the possibility to integrate with other systems. If you are happy with some of your existing GIS, Dispatch, Fleet Management, Video Management, Telephone Systems and ERP systems there is no need to worry as we can integrate the Safecon system to any of the systems you desire. We do not resell or bundle external components as required parts of our system.
We just need a useful interface documentation, and preferably cooperation from the provider.

The only requirement for a functioning Safecon system is a Windows Server, MS SQL Server and Windows client for the operator stations. Safecon supports the latest versions of Windows and MS SQL Server and in addition supports any version of Windows and MS SQL Server, that existing clients are using even if they have been end-of-lifed.

Here is suggestions to minimum ARC solution if you are planning to acquire new alarm receiving software or establish a new ARC:

  • ARC and Dispatch: Safecon
  • Video: Integration between Safecon and your currently used Video Management System.

Besides these integration and system options Safecon has a comprehensive list of functionalities which you are welcome to request from us. Right below is a resumé of current integrations and options.

For extra functionalities, existing open interfaces can be used for extending


  • Dispatching customer using SMS
  • PocketMobile (Fleet Management) or other using same interface
  • Sending to other ACR system using TCP/IP or SMS

Fleet management

  • PreCom
  • Locus
  • FleetView
  • CallTouch
  • SimaTech / TeleAtlas
  • TransAlarm
  • Google Coordinate


  • Milestone VMS
  • VideONet
  • RISCO Cloud
  • Bosch Security Cloud

GIS Functionality
Safecon has different existing integrations to GIS systems which are used to visualization /  allocation of alarms

  • MariaGIS
  • SimaTech
  • Vision
  • MapSolutions (Shown in Safecon client)
  • Google Maps

ERP and CRM systems (billing)
Safecon has a general integration to different systems and the interface is based on XML data transmission.

  • VISMA Business
  • Agresso
  • SAP
  • MS Dynamics

Other possible integrations

Radio Communication

  • TETRA (Nødnett, RAKEL or SINE)

Phone systems

  • Solidus
  • Telia
  • Asterisk
  • TAPI enabled systems
  • Telecom SMS Large Account support

Service jobs

  • PocketMobile (service Edition) or other using same interface
  • GuardTools
  • SMS

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Safecon is used in ARC’s  with only a couple of operators managing maybe only 100 customers to the biggest ARC’s with more than 150 concurrent operators managing more than 100.000-150.000 customers.

Replacing your Alarm Central Software

Replacing your existing alarm central software may seem a rather complex and unmanageable project with all the valuable data you have accumulated and interconnected systems. However it does not have to be so if you plan the process with the right supplier. Our engineers have extensive professional knowledge and experience with data migration and have a proven track record replacing such core systems as well as integrating clients existing systems; even without any operational interference in your day to day ARC business.  The length of such a process depends on how well your existing data is presented. If data is well presented we have managed data conversion within a week.

Starting a new Alarm Receiving Centre

As for replacing your system it is of course equally important that you choose the right partner when starting an ARC, AMS or AMC from scratch.  The best recommendation for our ARC software and platform comes from satisfied customers and we should be pleased to put you into direct contact with the appropriate persons. Please ask us.

An important thing to consider regardless whether you are replacing a system or starting a new ARC is that you carefully consider the pros and cons choosing an open system with many options for integration now and ahead as opposed to a more proprietary “package solution” not having such options.

Therefore we recommend that you get in touch with us to discuss your options, without any obligations, and possible setting you up with a free trail solution.

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