Alarmsentral Brann Øst

ABØ was migrated from an older alarm management system to Alcensoft’s customized Safecon alarm management system

Receives and transmits emergency calls over telephone 1-1-0 from 24 municipalities


The Customer

Alarmsentral Brann Øst (ABØ), Oslo – receives and transmits emergency calls over telephone 1-1-0 from 24 municipalities. The municipalities are located in Follo- and Østfold Police District, with the exception of Rømskog Municipality. ABØ 110 sentral has 21 firestations with 400 firefighters assigned and service 410.000 people over an area of 4.800 km2.

Information video showing how the 110 central, firedepartments and other municipalities work together at critical events

The Scope and Project

The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) has long worked for fewer but larger and more robust emergency response units / fire and rescue units (110-sentraler) in connection with the introduction of the Norwegian Nødnett (TETRA). There were demands for increasing the resilience of
The emergency service further and strengthen these units with IT systems with higher reliability, scalability and ease of use in the Norwegian Brann- and redningsvesenets Emergency agencies. ABØ were the first emergency response to meet former mentioned and transfer to the new digital Nødnett and at the same time took the
initiative to implement a process about sourcing and upgrading to a new and up-to-date alarm receiving center software and thereby phase out their older Telenor FAS / AKU-B systems.

Alcensoft overall delivered anaysis-, specification-, development-, adaptation- and integration process, program for service / sales and support.

ABØ was migrated from an older Telenor FAS alarm management system to Alcensoft’ s customized Safecon alarm management system, including among others: Interconnection of history from Call Touch and Safecon for producing reports to fire authorities, data synchronization, construction of new protocol for transmitting fire alarms to Call Touch, Integration to telephonic with CIM object interface instead of TAPI, integration with their own GIS system. In addition, the entire user interface on Safecon system was tailored to ABØ’s

Project was managed by Maciej Gerard Krzesinski, Partner, CMO & Senior Project Lead, M.Sc.EE , Alcensoft A/S alongside ABØ project lead Hans-Erik Andersen, Teknisk Driftssjef and Karin Nordby, fagleder.

The Benefits

The provided new alarm management system met ABØ’s need for effective, user-friendly, reliable reception and transmission of messages about fire and accidents from people who call alarm 110. At the same time ABØ has gotten a system that is able to communicate up against the new digital Nødnett and to process
other alarm tasks such as burglary, elevator and theft alarms from municipal companies, organizations, and institutions. ABØ has Safecon alarm management system tailored to their specific needs, achieved
100% uptime and fast response and dispatch for efficient alarm processing and time savings through automation of both technical and customer-related processes. In addition, ABØ received an open source and scalable system that can be integrated on other IT systems intended to be acquired.


Alarmsentral Brann Øst AS
Tykkemyr 2, 1597 Moss
Postboks 716, Krapfoss, 1509 Moss, Norway
Hans-Erik Andersen, Teknisk Driftssjef
Telephone: +47 6920 1720

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