Nursing home and housing

Hardware independent emergency call and care solution

Security solutions for nursing homes and residences

Nursing homes and residences are now offered access to our open and hardware provider-independent security solution, also referred to as emergency call solutions and call center solutions, SafeconCare, whose many benefits are summarized below. We offer the solution delivered in several ways:

  • Installed with optional decentralized servers for Ødrift.
    Centrally installed server solution, eg in a municipality’s own server environment or elsewhere.
  • A hybrid solution with a combination of both of the above for maximum safety in the event of a breakdown.
  • A solution delivered without or with hardware from Neat Electronics.
  • Hardware covers a full range of infrastructure devices, stationary as well as body-worn alarm transmitters / receivers, also with passive alarm sounding suitable for demented citizens. Neat is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality security solutions, represented in 17 countries on 3 continents.
  • A solution where you install the infrastructure and hardware yourself, or use our installation partner using Neat equipment.

Hardware requirements

The only requirement for Hardware to be connected to the SafeconCare security solution is that the purchased equipment must be able to communicate via the digital protocol Social Care Internet Protocol (SCAIP), which in Sweden and Norway is the mandatory and in Denmark widespread and preferred communication protocol for automatic emergency callers and alarm transmitters. .

SafeconCare functionality

  • SafeconCare platform supports Social Care IP (SCAIP).
    Comes with our own App. If you want to make use of your own App, integration with it is required.
  • Full alarm handling, workflow and shift planning.
  • Pairing a new Smartphone or alarm sensors on the system, eg a body-worn alarm sensor, is done quickly and easily by the local care staff without any other interference.
  • We use well-documented, relevant, recognized and well-proven standards and protocols, and to ensure development and innovation, we work to ensure that our and others’ solutions take into account: –
  • Clarification of dependencies between systems
  • Explicit interfaces, which are exhibited via integration layers
  • As few interactions between systems as possible
  • Loose coupling between systems so that the systems are not direct
    dependent on each other.
  • Again, we are thinking in particular of the use of SCAIP as a guide for digital alarms from emergency calls.

A solution for nursing homes may include

SafeconCare Server

Central and / or decentralized servers (island operation).


 SafeconCare comes with its own care apps. If you want to use your own app, integration with it is required.

IoT Modul

Your solution has the option of expansion with an IoT module that enables you to collect and use sensor and alarm data so that you can better meet the needs of citizens.

Hardware units

Neat or other makes of devices for infrastructure, stationary as well as body-worn alarm transmitters and receivers.