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The Alcensoft company

Alcensoft A/S, based in Kgs. Lyngby Denmark was established in 2010 as a management buyout of the alarm management division in the process when Sirius IT where sold to Norwegian headquartered VISMA. Since 1991 the team has, through engagement in various companies, 7-Technologies, Security Management Systems, TietoEnator, developed, supported and improved the Safecon platform to a state of the art Alarm Receiving Management platform. We are a sound company having built a solid equity enabling us to fulfil any deliveries in accordance with our high standards, integrity and quality.

Industry Knowledge

Today we are an international provider of IT solutions and system integrator for ARC and AMS for various segments private as well as public customers and are one of the leading companies within this specific field of business. We support almost all fire- and alarm equipment and protocols which exist in the market today and are continuously developing new drivers for customers who want to support a new and specific protocol. Furthermore we are experts in making integrations to Safecon of practically any other system our customer may desire. That be GIS, ERP, VMS, Service Job Management and more.

Our teams

Alcensoft operates with a very flat project organization with a small permanent core staff of highly skilled engineers including the three founding partners. Besides Sales, Account Management and R&D our staff undertakes these key business areas:

  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Test / Q&A
  • Education
  • Service & Support

We scale our business as needed having continuous access to a large number of freelance/project based staff as well as various subcontractors.

Technical skills and Knowledges

Areas: Management, analysis, specifications, design, implementation, integration, test, education, documentation, installation, service og support, formal- and agile development, iterative development, large system architecture, communication and communication standards, performance tuning, distributed parallel real time and non-stop systems, function-, object oriented and logic based languages. Database design (analysis, specification, normalization, tuning), database management systems. Quality assurance.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Tandem.
Programming languages: JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Java and Visual Basic, Ruby, Perl, Elixir, Erlang, SOAP, UNIX shell scripts.
Databases: Microsoft SQL*Server, ingres, Oracle, Microsoft  Access, Sybase, Pervasive, Mysql, Tandem SQL.
Development frameworks: MFC, Swing, COM+, ODBC, ADO/DAO, JDBC, HTML, XML, CGI Script, ASP.
Others: Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Office, Video, Lan/Wan, TCP/IP, EDI, GIS, SAP, Axapta, Cloud based solutions.

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