Property Manager

An add-on to Safecon Light that enable property owners to manage all their dispatch needs from their individual tenants

How it works

For the property management of a residential community or a housing association it is normal to have agreements on common functions for handling technical installations and other specific tasks like maintenance and alarm functions for the benefit of both tenants and property management.

This solution enable property owners to manage all their tenants individual needs for such technical and security alarms simply by calling up or SMS the property management on duty. Property management call in the incident to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who generates a manual alarm in Safecon with address details on the specific resident and the job needed to be done. The alarm is then handled in Safecon as a normal alarm with possible standard operating procedures and dispatch of proper kind.

Property management must secure that all service agreement data are registered in the ARC system for dispatch purposes.


  • Each tenant is treated as a subscriber but without permanent information as the agreement is with the property management and the ARC.
  • Property management is the only one billed no matter which service the ARC dispatches.
  • Property management can make its own arrangements with their service companies like plumber, glazier, electrician etc.
  • Property management, often operated by just one person, saves time and money having outsourced these processes through a professional ARC securing a smooth and consistent level of service.

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