Allows small sites with less staff still to work on the bigger centrally installed solution with all its benefits.

The Safecon Satellite Option

The Safecon Satellite is an option which can be added to the existing Safecon platform.
Safecon Alarm Receiving centre is a system for receiving and administrating alarms from different sites and customers.Most Alarm Receiving Centres are specialized in monitoring alarms and very often are supporting different alarm companies which have the responsibility for installation, maintenance of the equipment and in some cases also the dispatch.
Safecon software provides possibility for this with centralized hardware, receiving equipment and operators, and is providing possibility for separate access for external operators and companies -satellites to the customer data.
With a satellite any logical independent unit (e.g. a company) have access to all Safecon hardware and communication interfaces, but still preserves an individual data set and operates independent of others. The idea is to give a possibility for the small alarm company to have a big control room facilities with small manning needs and for 24/7 operations.

Selected Features

  • Allows a small alarm company (the Satellite) to offer a big control room solution with small manning needs and for 24/7operations.
  • Saves server costs as servers are installed centrally
  • Saves service and maintenance as this is effectuated centrally.
  • Satellite option can be used advantagously wherever there is a need for all the system features offered by a bigger system still working on one unified corporate license.
  • Suitable to be used for Alarm Centres across borders as well as local, e.g a municipality operating many elder homes and/or emergency agencies or fire stations with local alarm receiving needs.
  • Fallback & 24/7: For the satellite it is possible to define a period during the day where there are no operators available in the Satellite centre.
  • A Satellite workstation is protected against configuration changes, and is easily blocked from central point.
  • Satellite operator has only access to alarms and data for the group of customers that belongs to the Satellite.
  • Master operator has access to the data from all satellite systems attached to it.

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