Call center

Call center functionalities for ARC’s and care solution

Call center

Safecon for ARC’s has integrations to multiple phone systems with varying degrees of integration between the two. Safecon for ARC’s also support using caller ID’s to identify customers. Safecon for ARC’s also has multiple integrations for looking up the caller (address, social security number, etc) in external systems.

The call center product is described further under the Products /Safecon Care as this Call center functionality is an integrated part of this solution too.

Selected features

  • Safecon can act as a call centre for medical customers. It can receive dial in, register customers as operator talks to the customer, connect with regionally dedicated external resources in three-part communication.
  • It is possible to register basic information regarding the caller and the patient (if it is not the same person) for future use in case of new calls.
  • Safecon has possibility of connecting and retrieving basic caller information from national databases using phone number – information like name and address.
  • Safecon supports automatic dispatch thru regionally defined dispatch centres with care personnel on duty. Safecon re-routs two-way speech directly from the client to a specific nurse on duty. Safecon monitors and distributes dispatches in regional centres.
  • Safecon maintain a detailed step oriented instruction on customer level to facilitate the operator work. On any given time only those steps of the instruction relevant to the current situation, time and history is shown to the operator. The operator may mark and log each step of his progress to ensure nothing is missing handling the customer.

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