The car phone and the service system

Comprehensive: NEO family with integrated interface and programming
Variety: We have different models for landlines, VoIP, IP and mobile phones
which allows you to always be in touch
Convenient: With firmware updates, you’re always up and running


For programming and user-specific customization of D-POS, we have developed special, easy-to-understand software.


Can be triggered by an alarm button
or the ATOM transmitter
Functional design
Only 19 x 18 cm in size
Countless security features
Very easy programming
Compact plug adapter
Outstanding acoustics
Extensive selection of accessories
Plug-and-play functionality
Bright red button (programmable)

The NEO car phone and service system is the ideal care solution for elderly people living alone. With its functional and compact design, it fits seamlessly into almost any living environment. When the red button is pressed, it contacts the emergency center or a relative and establishes a voice connection. An emergency call can be automatically sent to up to six different people. It’s subject
for continuous monitoring to ensure its functionality.

NEO can be combined with other NEAT devices and is compatible with the most commonly used alarm centers.


The NEO family is optimally designed to meet the site and user-specific requirements for use. This allows participants to choose the version that best suits their needs in terms of comfort, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

NEO for IP telephony

If the customer chooses IP telephony, there are future-ready versions of NEO that work via Ethernet connections.

NEO-GSM for mobile phone networks

In situations where landline connections are not available, NEO-GSM establishes connections using mobile networks.


Only 19 x 18 x 3 cm in size

Weight: 400 g

High sound pressure, duplex communication

Volume regulator

Very compact plug adapter

Multi-protocol enabled

Alarm type-specific call sequence for up to 10 alarm type groups

LED display for important information

Easy wall mounting

Housing + speaker splashproof

Item in the German register of care products (Pflegehilfsmittelverzeichnis)


Large buttons, can be reached anywhere

Different colored function buttons with touch recognition surface

Easy to find at night due to illuminated buttons (programmable)

Bidirectional transmission path

Multifaceted and various programming options

Easy to program hand transmitter

Important programs programmable
directly in the device

NEO-IP can be configured via WAN


Telephone line monitoring

Detects and reports power outages

Battery monitoring

Emergency power mode throughout
integrated battery

Acoustic and visual warning function (programmable)

Two-way monitoring
transmission paths

Interference alarm when interruption comes from other radio transmission sources

Radio communication with confirmation

Plug-and-play private branch exchange

Simple firmware updates possible


Configuration with PC

Convenient and fast for professionals
and easy for beginners

LPP configuration

Can be used with touch-tone phones, GSM mobile phones or PC, remotely or on-site

With handheld terminal on site


ATOM hand transmitter (complete with neckband, clip for neckband, bracelet)

Adapter connector component

Brief instructions for use