Advanced transceiver for radio traffic

  • Functional: Especially for communication with D-SERVER
  • Convenient: Easy to install
  • Variable: mounting of different units is possible

Connecting D-SERVER and radio components

Among other things, D-TECT communicates an alarm that is triggered via the radio components connected to D-SERVER. D-TECT is integrated via a multidrop RS-485 serial bus.


  • Works only with D-SERVER
  • For connecting NEAT radio transmitters with D-SERVER
  • Easy to install
  • Power supply and transmission via one cable
  • Must be installed several times depending on the environment in D-SERVER

The D-TECT SERIAL is a device designed to communicate two-way Neats radio ecosystem with alarm control systems such as the D-SERVER or D-TECT Alarm via a serial port. The D-TECT SERIAL sends received alarms to the central unit for analysis and then forwards them to the configured destination.

Versatile installation

The installation cascades with up to 30 units divided into 2 lines. Each D-TECT SERIAL unit can be operated individually with its own adapter or via the D-BOX unit with a single adapter that allows all units on each line to be operated.

When using the D-BOX unit, it is recommended to use an uninterruptible power supply, UPS, which is able to maintain the power supply in case of failure of the central system and thus ensure continuity of service.

The D-TECT SERIAL can be powered by an AC adapter or via an RS485 bus.