D-POS Programmeringssoftware

  • Simple: One-click configuration
  • Integrated: An integrated user interface for all products
  • Flexible: Trained staff can make user-specific adjustments


For programming and user-specific customization of D-POS, we have developed special, easy-to-understand software.


Integrated, user-friendly programming

No prior knowledge required

One-click mouse configuration via pre-saved files

Password protected access to the programming interface

Maximum flexibility to make user-specific changes

Depending on the programmer, programming data may be printed

Possibility to read the device configuration

Can be used on systems from Windows XP and up

NEAT develop software specially designed for DOOR to make it efficient, fast and easy to program. This allows you to easily configure the mobile transmitter. The user-friendly, integrated user interfaces mean that absolutely no programming knowledge is required. Trained employees can access all the features via the password-protected programming interface. This ensures a high degree of flexibility in terms of custom configuration.